Salahudeen al Ayyubi’s formula for victory

He is renowned worldwide as one of the greatest and most chivalrous warriors in Islamic history: the liberator of Al Quds and a number of Muslim lands, a unifier and an upright ruler adored by friend and foe alike.

Despite a lapse of more than 8 centuries since his sorrowful passing, the name Salahudeen al Ayyubi today still manages to evoke passionate longings of a glorious Islamic legacy and, more significantly, rekindles hopes of a Muslim world revival.

And as more and more Muslim lands fall under the yoke of occupation and oppression, almost daily, a commonly heart lament is “Where is Salahudeen?” or “Who will be our new Salahudeen?”

As can be grasped from the Ummah’s fixation with predicting events such as the arrival of the Mahdi or the re-emergence of Isa AS, the longing for a savior or liberator evidently looms l