First Impressions

It is an accepted fact that the first impressions that fall upon the simple mind of the child will never be erased. The world renowned scholar of the century Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi (rahimahullah) once said that one of the things his mother impressed upon him from his childhood days was to refrain from being cruel to anyone or from hurting anyone’s feelings.

His mother was very particular that if he hurt anyone’s feelings or he was cruel to someone, he had to seek that person’s forgiveness. Another aspect was that his mother would regularly mention the names and achievements of certain pious saints and elders of their own family. She would mention them with great honour and respect. They were personalities who had no worldly stature and wealth, but they had made great religious progress. The result of this was that from Maulana’s childhood he was impressed with the knowledge of Deen and not with worldly honour and wealth which tend to impress people today.

Source: uswatulmuslimah

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